e2v aerospace & defense, which incorporates the former QP Semiconductor fabless semiconductor manufacturer, has unveiled its semiconductor lifecycle management program that offers a new approach to OM and to the design, manufacture and through life support of aerospace, defense and long lifecycle commercial systems; preparing for and planning against the effects of component obsolescence at points as early as the original system design process.

The result is security of supply and avoidance of issues such as spiraling costs and counterfeit goods entering the supply chain from uncontrolled sources. In addition, e2v’s program works with existing platforms to review current last time buy inventory and so manage lifetime supply and future cost for key components.

e2v aerospace & defense offers a full range of hi-rel semiconductor products and solutions, including North-American storage, packaging, test and redesign facilities, a secure and flexible supply chain for hi-rel products protecting against counterfeit risks and containing costs, wafer banking and lifecycle management and a DSCC qualified manufacturer listing.

Jim Townsend, Director of Marketing for e2v’s Santa Clara semiconductor operations, explained, “e2v is the only US mil/aero focused manufacturer addressing secure project lifetime continuity of supply through its semiconductor lifecycle management program. The needs of this market have changed, requiring an approach that works in partnership with major programs to deliver assurance of semiconductor supply from program design stages, not just when obsolescence becomes an issue. As part of e2v, with established partnerships with major semiconductor companies, we have the capability to deliver to this need.”