The programme for the next ARMMS RF & Microwave Society conference to be held on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 November, 2010, in Corby, UK, has been announced. The conference will have a strong focus on both system level developments and component level advances, and speakers will provide an in-depth insight into system related issues within radio and microwave technology.

The field of THz spectroscopy will be addressed by Dr. Mira Naftaly of the UK’s National Physical Laboratory. The talk will describe measurement techniques in THz spectroscopy and imaging and related calibration methods for frequency, amplitude, resolution and dynamic range. The standards and protocols demanded by the evolving technologies of THz communications will also be discussed.

Kwok Lui, Imperial College, London, will expand on the development of a low-power, low-cost and low-voltage ISM band oscillator using discrete components and a miniaturized resonator. Commercial GaN devices for switching and low-noise applications will be the focus of the presentation from Cree Inc., and findings from studies at the University of Southampton, UK, on deep level dopant compensated Czochralski silicon substrates for MMICs will also be presented.

Other confirmed papers include:

• Wideband component design - directional couplers

• Demonstration of flexible 240 W GaN SSPA for space application

• Antenna characterisation for amplitude comparison in electronic warfare systems

• Improved infrared temperature measurement of RF devices

• The fully automated optimisation of a microwave HPA using signal injection and differential evolution

• A comparison of two delay line discriminator implementations for low cost phase noise measurement

• Agile L-band amplifiers with independent gain and slope control over a broad dynamic range

• The application of the Cardiff look-up table model to the design of MMIC power amplifiers

• Design and testing of high voltage RF electronics

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