A series of wideband 50 ? coaxial test cables has been introduced that feature extra rugged construction with integrated strain relief for longer life. The CBL-series Coaxial-Flex test cables are designed for use from DC to 18 GHz and are useful over a temperature range of –55° to +105°C. The cables use a triple shield construction comprised of a solid silver-plated, copper-clad, steel inner conductor with a solid PTFE dielectric, covered by a silver-plated, copper, flat ribbon braid inner shield, a 36 GA aluminum-polyimide tape interlayer and a silver-plated copper braid outer shield. The outer jacket is clear FEP. This coaxial configuration provides excellent shielding effectiveness, while ensuring good flexibility and a small bend radius. Passivated stainless steel SMA and N-type connectors with captivated center contacts are utilized for long mating-cycle lifetime. Their center pins are gold-plated beryllium copper with PTFE dielectric.

Fig. 1 Typical insertion loss vs. temperature for a CBL-3FT-SMSM cable.

The cables feature low insertion loss with low VSWR and phase variation versus flexure. Figure 1 shows typical insertion loss vs. temperature performance for a CBL-3FT-SMSM cable; Figure 2 displays typical return loss vs. temperature variation characteristics for the same cable type.

Fig. 2 Typical CBL-3FT-SMSM cable return loss.

Applications for these test cables include high volume production test station use, environmental and temperature test chamber applications, and use in research and development labs. In addition, they can be replacements for OEM test port cables or used for field RF testing or cellular infrastructure site testing.

Available cable lengths are from 2 to 6 ft with various combinations of SMA and N-type connectors. Prices range from $69.95 to $112.95, depending on length and connector types. Custom sizes up to 100' are available. Consult the factory.

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