Speaking in advance of European Microwave Week 2010, Jim Armentrout, Marketing Manager, EMEA, Agilent Technologies Inc., told Microwave Journal that the company’s prime focus at the event is to demonstrate its capability for expanding the horizons of test. He stated, “Whether in terms of high performance, mm-waves, X-parameters and now modular systems, Agilent is pushing the boundaries to meet the continually evolving needs of customers.

“The aim is to provide the customer with choice and not to push them in a particular direction, but to enable them to select the option that best suits the test scenario that they are operating in.”

Agilent’s exploration of new horizons in test is not a journey that it is embarking on alone as the company is involving likeminded partners – MB Electronique, Maury Microwave, Cascade Microtech, Farran Technology, Microwave Vision, Telemobile Electronics and Virginia Diode – that will be demonstrating their capabilities on the Agilent Stand.

Now in its 8th year as Platinum Sponsor of EuMW, Agilent is no stranger to making a big impression, but this year it is thinking big with a 240 m² stand that will be the home for 26 demo set-ups for the three days of the exhibition. Among the instruments/software being demonstrated will be a number of groundbreaking products that the company would not elaborate on in advance.

What is not a secret though is the fact that Agilent has expanded its test and measurement portfolio into the modular domain with the introduction of 48 new PXI and AXIe products. Those modular products applicable to the RF and microwave sector will be showcased to the industry for the first time at EuMW 2010.

Armentrout stated, “What’s interesting and exciting is that the modular demo is not static. It is an active system that will be making measurements. It is easy to make big strategic announcements to the market, but it’s a lot more difficult to have working equipment that customers can touch and be able to get hands on appreciation of the capabilities. And that is what we have achieved with the modular portfolio.”

Alongside the modular range, the new RF and microwave products that will be launched at the show promise to be equally significant. Once they hit the show floor rest assured that Microwave Journal will keep you informed. Watch this space!

Caption: The Agilent 89600B software provides R&D engineers performing signal and modulation analysis with a window into what’s happening inside their complex wireless devices. Downloadable 3 min 30 sec video example
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