Focus Microwaves Corp., a device characterization solutions provider, announced it is offering a graduate electrical engineering course at China’s Tsinghua University on advanced RF power amplifier design methods using loadpull techniques.

The class, taught by RF PA design and loadpull expert John Sevic, covers RF PA design methods using loadpull for GSM/EDGE, W-CDMA/TD-SCDMA, and LTE/WiMAX mobile and infrastructure wireless communication systems. Specific coverage will be given to using loadpull for advanced PA architectures such as Class E/Class F, envelope elimination and restoration methods, polar modulation and Doherty. Emphasis will be on exploiting harmonic loadpull to improve efficiency and linearity.

Commenting on the class, Focus CEO Christos Tsironis, said, "Today’s highly competitive wireless market relies on faster time-to-market and lower cost, possible only by deploying advanced design methods in the RF PA design flow. By exploiting the advantages of loadpull, designers can rapidly take to market at low cost performance enhancing architectures such as Class E/F, EET and Doherty using our advanced device characterization tool-set.”

The graduate class, which will also be available on-line, will be given in October of 2010.

For additional information, contact John Sevic at or +86 186-0122-8402. To learn more about Focus’s device characterization solutions, visit