Homatic A/S and Terma have signed an agreement that aims to intensify their cooperation, something the two companies have enjoyed for a number of years. Homatic supplies Terma with high-tech solutions including measurement and test equipment in connection with development of space equipment.

Thorvald Horup, Managing Director of Homatic, commented, “At Homatic we are very satisfied to increase the cooperation with Terma to a level where our tasks will have international perspective and thus contribute considerably to the continued development of our competencies and solutions.”

Joern Henrik Levy Rasmussen, Corporate Vice President Strategic Marketing at Terma, added, “Homatic has shown their intention and ability to adapt to the special demands required from a supplier to the international defense and space industry. In addition to the professional level of the company, this is a main reason why we enter this cooperation agreement.”

He continued, “Long, close partnerships with key suppliers will be of great importance to Terma in the years to come. We have an international growth strategy implying an increased cooperation with partners and suppliers who can contribute to Terma's growth and development due to their expertise.”